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Services Offered

Course selection: It is important to ensure you take a set of classes to help you stand apart from the masses who apply to college. Research revealed that selective University of California campuses and private colleges offer admission at higher rates to students who take a certain number of high school classes. Would you like an expert to review your course schedule?

Extracurricular activities: Advanced Admit works with clients to craft a personalized set of experiences outside the classroom. You can choose activities you enjoy and still impress the admission committee. The goal is to help you become an applicant who can bring a fresh sense of vibrancy to your new college campus, and impress admission officers in the process. Most students think their extracurricular activities are impressive, when in fact, they are actually fairly average. How does your participation compare?

Letters of recommendation: ​It is no longer enough to simply ask a teacher for a letter of recommendation. Advanced Admit works with students to develop strategies and unique approaches. This requires advance planning and certain conscientious deliberate behaviors. Are you certain you chose the right teacher? Are you are going to receive the most impressive letter of recommendation possible?

College selection: Advanced Admit leverages detailed knowledge of universities to help students in their quest to find a nurturing academic home and offers a concierge level of service. Do you have a consultant or counselor who is willing to spend hours working directly for you, evaluating your options, serving your interests, instead of achieving a school's goals?

Intellectual development: If requested, students receive help to develop their intellectual insights to a high level through outside reading, research projects and supplementary learning experiences.

Academic enrichment programs: Some colleges openly state that participation in academic enrichment programs is a factor for admission. Clients receive help to select appropriate academic enrichment programs that will expand their development. 

Anxiety reduction: College admission is a stressful process. Several strategies reduce stress, build family harmony and change perspectives to bring a good-natured sense of calm to this process.

Essays: The founder read thousands of college application essays. If we work together, your essay will be your own work. ABC News published his writing. He completed a writing intensive master's degree from Stanford University where Pulitzer Prize winning authors trained him to identify and develop world class stories.  

Waitlist analysis and targeted action: Were you notified that you have been placed on an admission waitlist? Contact Advanced Admit now for an analysis of your application materials. Gain new strategies and tools designed specially for those on waitlists.

Research: For three years, Advanced Admit Founder Timothy Jaconette served as a Senior Researcher in the Mobile Business Project at Stanford University. He loves helping guide students through the research process and enjoys offering strategic advice on the skills and techniques needed to secure a summer research apprenticeship. 

Motivation: Do you struggle with procrastination? Learn a research backed productivity strategy developed by a leading university to keep you on track. 

Non-traditional and homeschooled students: The founder of Advanced Admit is able to provide a letter of recommendation for the common application and help with academic program design. We can select academic opportunities together to help a university see the brilliance in your unique schooling approach. 

International applicants to US colleges: Advanced Admit's founder previously evaluated the college applications of students from over 50 different countries including China, India, Japan, Korea, Germany, or Azerbaijan! Whether you are from Europe, Asia or Latin America, Advanced Admit can help you understand the American university application process.

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