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About the founder...

Timothy J. Jaconette


  1. Evaluated hundreds of applications for a top college admission office

  2. M.A. from Stanford University and B.A. from UC Berkeley with highest distinction

  3. Professional writing published by both a television network and an academic journal

  4. A former Fortune 500 marketing wizard who can help you tell your story to the admission committee

  5. A third-generation California educator

  6. Certificated in college counseling and college advising by the University of California and Teachers College, Columbia University.

  7. Formerly developed statewide leadership workshops for the California Association of Student Leaders

  8. Featured and quoted in various national publications ranging from the Wall Street Journal to US News and World Report

  9. Compassionate, understanding and willing to help as much as possible

  10. Committed to removing stress and anxiety from the college application process

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